Almost all of Braelun’s minotaurs have tribal homes in the sprawling grasslands and steppes of Ilantrae, so it’s rare to see them in any number on the other continents. Minotaurs tend to keep to themselves and their lands, though their innate sense of direction and familiarity with many natural peculiarities, along with their hardiness and adaptability, sometimes see them hired as guides or wardens in all sorts of regions.

Minotaurs are also very familiar with the dwarves, as their homeland abuts one of the most dwarf-populated mountain regions in the world, and they’ve adopted many of the dwarves’ less-desirable surface caves for their own use.

Gameplay Notes

Injuns + bison = ??? The PHB3 decided to put together Minotaurs for me, so that’ll save a lot of time and trouble. Done!


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