The gnomish tend to intermingle fairly readily with dwarven society more than any other, due to the proximity of their typical homelands. Gnomes enjoy life in hillside burrows and the foothills of the great mountain ranges on all the continents, but prefer having more of a hand in their dwellings than the dwarves, who possess a greater appreciation for nature’s wonders.

Whereas dwarves would leave a splendid cave system intact, finding ways to dwell amongst the stalagmites and nooks already provided with minimal construction, a community of gnomes would have such a place bolstered with pillars and stonework at every remotely risky juncture, leaving the place looking almost completely constructed.

Gnomish obsessive compulsion extends into all their endeavors, and thusly they are suited to many crafting and skilled labor occupations. They believe in function before form, but appreciate form that is functional. They are also a great deal more surface-friendly than their dwarven neighbors, and can frequently be seen in cities of other races, aiding in construction and engineering projects.

Gameplay Notes

I’ve decided to adapt the halfling template from the PHB for these guys, as the gnomes they describe in PHB2 would better fit what I have in mind for Goblins. Only particularly big change is their realm of residence.


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