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Just Some Basics

I’m looking at playing on Sundays, because I know I have those evenings free on pretty much any week’s schedule.

In-Character vs Out-Of-Character knowledge is very important here. There’s a lot of stuff I could post to flesh out the world a bit so long as potential players don’t let it interfere with their character creation choices or their in-game decisions. Once I get some feedback, I’ll decide what to GM-only, if anything.

Character Creation


Players are asked to try and take their characters somewhat seriously. Have fun making up someone, but don’t be that guy who tries to break the DM, because bears will eat you. To make things a little easier, here are some questions I’d like people to think about when making their characters.

  1. Where are you from?
  2. What sort of work/upbringing led your character to their class?
  3. Any family, friends, or other NPC contacts?
  4. Why do you follow what god you picked, if you picked one to specifically ally with?
  5. What sort of role do you play in your organization, if you’re part of one? (Subject to DM approval; we’ll hash something out.)
  6. Why are you adventuring?

Playable Races

Almost all the races in the PHB and PHB2 are available, with some tweaks to some and others being subbed for more interesting races. Race-specific pages explain any differences from the WotC writ, as well as some details on cultural identity on Braelun.

Non-Playable Races

I might let someone play one of these if you’ve got a great reason and/or bribe.


All classes from PHB, PHB2, and PHB3 are playable, as well as Swordmage, from the Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide. Artificer, outlined in the Eberron Player’s Guide, is an option if your character is a member of The Beneficence, outlined further on. Warlocks can choose a Dark Pact if they so desire, as outlined in the FR PG. Here’s a brief list of everything available with descriptions and suggested race affiliations, as well as organizations that count those classes amongst their ranks.

The World

The Land Itself


Kingdoms, Cults, And Other Collusions

These are just some of the most widely-known groups on Braelun. If you’ve got a specific idea for your character that would imply s/he is working for or with someone, talk to me if you want to fudge up a more local crew that holds your character’s allegiance.

Main Page

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